About Us

Our Company

FastLogic is one of the emerging logistics companies in the Philippines. It is one of the most dynamic and competitive logistics companies in the country today.

FastLogic is a privately owned Filipino brokerage and logistics company with extensive network tie-up in the country and has overseas partners in key location worldwide.

The company was established on August 05, 2004 by a group of experts in these fields headed by Mr. Luis C. Bamba, who is also the current President and General Manager.

Its current operations is backed up by solid expertise of its officers and employees in the brokerage and logistics industry.

Our Goal

We believe in enhancing and maintaining quality and add value to our service. This is our responsibility and we make sure that this is firmly established within our company’s culture. We invest not only on the structural facilities and technologies, to cover not only industry requirements, but also management and supervisory skills as well.